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About Interoperable

The intelligent approach to securing your world

Interoperable Services Limited is a British privately-owned consultancy operating in the fields of intelligence, investigations, risk management and security. 

Established in 2016, it has delivered executive outcomes for clients as diverse as the legal profession and private individuals as well as providing advisory to media organisations in the UK and abroad. Our experience includes the production of intelligence products (tailored to the client's direction), Due Diligence on corporate vehicles and individuals, investigative research outputs and risk management advisory across various domains within security.

As an agile, remotely-working organisation Interoperable Services Limited is best placed to fit into any working environment and has the ability to rapidly negotiate a shared working environment to best deliver the requirements of the engagement. 

We see our output as key in delivering a secure operating environment for our clients, be it through deeper understanding (intelligence), investigative outcomes, risk advisory or a combination of all three - as the world becomes more complex, we strive to cut through complexity and deliver clarity. 


High quality outputs designed with the client's unique requirements in mind.


All work is carried out ethically and all risks are carefully considered. 


Each assignment is uniquely approached to ensure best, most relevant, outcomes. 

Our Experience 

Is a combination of front line, operational intelligence, investigations and risk management gained in the industry as an employee, contractor and freelancer combined with a strong academic background including Intelligence Ops Diploma (L4), Investigations Diploma (ACFE), Corporate Risk and Security Award (L4), Risk and Crisis Management Award (L5), Fraud Management (L2) and more besides. 

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